• Welcome to the Grand Rapids Linux User’s Group

    You may have noticed that we have a brand spankin’ new fully-functional web site. Hooray! The new site includes some new features as well as up-to-date links to all of the other Internet resources the GRLUG has assembled over the years, including:

    Our Email Discussion List
    While our other Internet resources fell into decay, our mailing list has always been active. Join the list to ask questions about Linux, receive meeting announcements, and to engage in discussions with your fellow Grand Rapids Linux users. You can also read the mailing list archives if you’d like to look into past discussions.

    Our Upcoming and Past Meetings and Events
    Even Linux users enjoy some meatspace interaction once in a while, so we currently have an informal meeting every Wednesday evening from 8PM – 10PM. The location moves around a bit, so make sure you check here for the latest information.

    Our Blog Aggregator (Planet)
    A planet is an aggregation of our members’ blog posts. Feel free to add the GRLUG planet’s feed to your favorite RSS reader to keep up with what your fellow Grand Rapids Linux geeks are up to. If you’d like your blog added to the planet, send an email to Ben Rousch with a link to your blog’s RSS or Atom feed.

    Our IRC Channel
    There are almost always a few people hanging out in our #grlug IRC channel on the Freenode network. So fire up your favorite IRC client or click the link to use the web client whenever you get a hankerin’ for some cyberspace-based human interaction.

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